Nopal educates the community on the serious risks and consequences of youth marijuana use as well as offers the tools needed to advocate for the future of our community.

NOPAL is comprised of representatives from our community: Parents, schools, businesses, law enforcement, faith-based groups, healthcare organizations, and other community members.

NOPAL has worked diligently to promote awareness and community leadership on the issue of substance abuse since 2008. In 2010, in response to Arizona’s new medical marijuana law and emerging studies, NOPAL shifted focus to reducing youth marijuana use.

Community Education

  • Leadership program that teaches youth the risks and consequences of marijuana use
  • Peer to Peer leadership training
  • Spoken word poetry and performance
  • Some use of multi-media techniques tpromote the VAMOS message

VAMOS (Valley Adolescent Media Outreach Subcommittee)

  • Youth program utilizing art, photography, graphic design, video/audio production and other media as a tool for youth to advocate against substance abuse.

Advocacy Training

  • Educating the community on how to access their local government through letter writing, Action Days at the Capitol and scheduling meetings with legislators
  • Advocate for local policies that help restrict youth access to marijuana

Community Development

  • Partnering with community members and businesses to broaden NOPAL’s impact

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